Letter from the President

“I was asked to be president in the fall of 2019 and I quickly agreed. Brant Business Builders exists to build up local businesses, and it is easy to get behind an organization who does that. Every week we give handfuls of good referrals, which lead to sales and important connections. There is also opportunity for professional development and developing strong business relationships, which is impossible to put a price on.

I talk to lots of business owners every week, and they all have the same need: more leads.  When you join BBB, you have a sales team of your own. And the proof is in the pudding. Each week, we usually have over 40 referrals given out, sometimes even upwards to 60! These are quality leads that can help build your business.

My vision for BBB is to help each business owner thrive. With our group of amazing individuals, we have years of experience across all industries, and are always willing to share tips and insights when members have business issues. Whether it’s talking one on one with a member, or sharing in the group setting, we always are able to help each other out.

If you are looking to create strong connections in the Brantford area, this networking group is ideal for you. The purpose of BBB is to help businesses grow their business. The weekly networking is key to this growth.

I credit a lot of my success to this group. BBB made up 30% of my sales for the first year I was in business through referrals. Not just that, but the advice I received and friendships made have been essential to the growth as an entrepreneur and as a business.”

– Sherri Barna