Hello. I’m Victor Verburgh. For those of you who don’t know, I joined Brant Business Builders right back in the beginning when Michael Lesinko and Michael Harrington got this thing up and running. At the time, I was a financial advisor, and Michael Lesinko and I shared the seat. It was almost ten years; I was in that seat, and as you all know, I didn’t stay. I lost my passion for the business and needed to find something else. I started doing some handywork. Some friends of mine who are project managers gave me the opportunity, and I absolutely loved what I was doing, and it just grew from there.

I am often asked about my transition from a financial advisor position to running a contracting company. How it came about and how I knew it was the right move for me. Well all my life my father’s been into trades, and carpentry has always been a hobby but never a profession. I learned so much from him doing my own projects around the house. From there I took on a number of projects which turned into a huge learning curve for me, and working with Misty’s Kitchen and Design has been great experience for me, and I’ve learned a lot.

Today I want to talk about one of the biggest projects we’ve had to date. Almost two years ago I was given a referral for a couple who had just bought a heritage home in Brantford and were looking for some painting to be done and some pictures to be hung. They showed me the entire house, and I just fell in love with this place. The attic was completely bare, and had no furniture, just functional space available. It was an incredible space – roughly 1,200 sqft with an impressive 18ft floor-to-ceiling. I said to the couple, if you ever want to renovate this, you’ve got to let me quote on it. Soon after I was fortunate to quote on it and got the job. We started working on the attic five months ago, and we are just finishing up this week.

The team did an awesome job. I’ve included a bit of an overview of the images that are included.

It’s been an exciting project to have worked on and what we were able to get done. I Hadn’t done anything like this, and it was fun and stressful at the same time. We didn’t waste any materials and re-used almost everything we had for the attic. As far as the house’s heritage is concerned, as long as we did not affect the outside of the home, we could do whatever we wanted, as far as Heritage Building Codes go.

Forward Contracting - Turret Room
Forward Contracting - Shower renovations