Hello. Good morning everyone, my name is Michael Harrington from Millennium Security. Today I want to do a little recap on what’s happening with us in the field of security systems. Like most of the trades, things really haven’t slowed down. Scheduling is a little difficult right now and we have had to move jobs around to meet all of our clients needs. That being said, our security monitoring business and smart security systems are keeping us very busy.

A lot of what we’re doing now is smart for the business. These are also for large facilities. Businesses that want and need to know when certain doors are opening or create limited access to some doors. They can add delete codes for those doors. They can know what’s happening to the entire facility regardless of it’s size. We even have it setup to be viewable on an app now. No longer just on a computer monitor.

No, as business owners and managers you can arm and disarm right from your phone. You can get notification as to who and when your system was disarmed, making sure people are on time or are not leaving early. Any type of device that’s attached to the system can be monitored. Even when the system is disarmed, you can get notifications. If someone walks past a motion detector or opens an office door or goes near the sensitive area door. You don’t necessarily have to put locks on it, but you could be notified when it’s actually open.

You also control access codes. The alarm code, employee’s code to arm and disarm the system. So if you have a staff member that goes rogue on a Friday, you can cancel their alarm code out Friday evening, and they no longer have access. It’s that simple.

We’ve also have our smart video monitoring. This is integrated into the same app. You can look live any time. It’s really good quality live cameras. All of our cameras now have analytics. You can determine whether you want to record pets, people or cars. So if you have outdoor cameras, you’re not recording the street or cars driving by all the time, you’re just concerned about people approaching the door. They all work at night and most of them are vandal-proof.

The app has been our biggest addition to smart control. This has been amazing for us. Up until now, having this kind of technology was cumbersome for the end user, because you had to log into a laptop or you had to have a dedicated PC that was on site.

The software looked old. It was difficult to navigate and the client touched it once every three months. This meant retraining the client all the time because they forgot how it worked. Now, the app is so intuitive and so easy. Everybody knows how to operate an app. You can do pretty much anything. You can buzz the door open, you can unlock it permanently. You can add a schedule to say, it’s always open from 9:00 to 5:00 and before and after those hours it’s automatically locked.
You can add and delete fobs and cards and codes from the app. So it really is limitless in terms of what we can do with access doors.

Of course, everything still needs to be hardwired in and we need electric strikes to open doors. This has been a huge game changer for us in terms of giving the end user a real experience to control the doors. We have some applications that have one door. We have some applications that have 30 doors all on the same box. So they have full control of all that too.

Another item that we have for all of our clients is the energy management tool. Even for home, you can set up your system to give you data in terms of how to save energy. You can control your HVAC system. For example, if there is a fire, the system can stop the fan on the furnace, so you’re not pushing smoke through the entire house or business. Another thing that business owners like is you can actually lock out the thermostat. You can set it from your phone and staff can’t fight about putting it higher or putting it lower because they can’t control the thermostat. It only can be controlled from the phone by the owner.

And then of course you can do your lighting so we can replace receptive times. We can program light switches. We can add plug in modules for lamps and you can control all that lighting and just throw it on a schedule and don’t worry about the energy you’re saving. That’s everything for the smart business. We’ve been really lucky with that. A lot of the clients are really happy with having that control. It helps us in terms of service because it really is so easy to use.

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