My name is Holly. I have two sons, Sam and Max, aged 12 and 8. My journey to working in the field of insurance began when I was in high school.

I wanted to find a co-op at a marketing company, but there weren’t any marketing companies looking for co-op students. So, my co-op teacher at St. John’s College sent me to Neziol Insurance. I spent a semester there stuffing envelopes, answering phone calls, stuff like that.

When I finished high school, I took a year off. In my head, I was still going to pursue marketing. I was going to take a year off, save up some money, work, then go to college for marketing. Neziol Insurance hired me back in November of 1999. I spent the first year there doing the same things I did when I was there for my co-op placement.

After that year, I decided to scrap the idea of going to college and was going to stick with insurance. A few years into working there, I applied for a service job there. Taking claims, policy changes, things of that nature. I got the job and they sent me to get my broker license.

I worked in the service department for a few years and liked it. I switched over to sales, and noticed that I much preferred it over the service job. I like having monthly numbers to attain and being accountable for how much money I make.
I’ve been there now for just over 20 years now. It’s a great place to work.

Neziol Insurance was sold to Brokerlink about six or seven years ago. That was a scary time because no one knew what was going to happen with our jobs. Thankfully, I kept mine and love the people I work with.

I specialize in home, auto, and small business insurance. If you’re renting a car, for example, when you’re on holidays, it’s a cheap endorsement to add to your policy. I always tell people not to bother adding it on until you need it. There’s no point paying for it for years on end if you’re never going to use it. If you’re planning on going on a holiday, call up your insurance company, you can add an endorsement on it. It’s usually about $20 for the year, so you don’t need to buy the insurance coverage.

Motorcycle rates have gone up a substantial amount. Where people used to pay $600 a year, they’re paying well over $1,000 now per year to insure their motorcycle.

When buying a home, remember to check for aluminum or knob and tube wiring because you may end up paying a big premium, unless you’re willing to have it switched over. We will cover pretty much anything at a cost, but sometimes it may not be worth it. I always suggest getting a quick quote before you purchase anything.

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