I’m Anthony with Patch Master. I started with House Master, but quickly latched onto Patch Master when the opportunity came. Big or small, we fix ‘em all.

It began with just doing repairs but has quickly evolved. I just recently finished boarding, mudding, and taping an entire house. I get a lot of contractors calling me, giving me more work. I got a call recently that someone did some drywall work and made a mess of it and wanted someone to fix it. That’s the nature of my business.

We do textured ceilings, texture removals, and popcorn ceiling removals. We’re starting to get more and more into legal duplexes. With those, we deal a lot with fire codes and such, which can be a nightmare to work around at times.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have been really busy the last year and a half. I recently hired an experienced drywaller, so that eases the load a bit for me. I’m still looking for possibly one more person that I can train and make the company more marketable.

I’m excited with the direction the business is going in and that we are continuing to grow and evolve, with the real estate market going in the direction it’s going in with the legal duplexes and the tiny houses.

The price of drywall did increase around the same time that lumber did. Thankfully, I haven’t had any trouble with shortages. One of my suppliers said the only shortage they experienced was with cement board, which I do very little of, so that didn’t affect my business at all.

The project we did for the entire house was a home that was built in the 1880s, and the contractor had completely gutted it. So, we came in, and turned it into a legal triplex. It was a lot of work. With just myself, my wife Jenny, and our two daughters, it was a big undertaking for us, with the stage our business is at. However, we stuck it out and finished the job.

I don’t do any stucco, or epoxy flooring, or parching. I don’t have anyone on hand to do those things. I know some franchises do it, and it can bring in some good money, but I get enough business doing what I’m doing. We will do anything drywall. Although we are a drywall repaint company, we are more than that.

Over the past year, I had so many big jobs that my repairs suffered. Now that I have Joe on board, I will hopefully get some of those back. I have enough work right now to keep somebody busy just with repairs. There’s a lot of work in that field. Sometimes, my phone doesn’t stop. The water damage is horrendous and there’s very few people that want to do that kind of work.

With restoration jobs, it’s the insurance company that we go through. We go in and quote the job and if it fits their budget, we’ve got the job. Either way, the insurance company is making money, so you can sometimes sugarcoat your quotes a little bit.

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