Find great referrals and increase your network

We would love for you to join us one Wednesday morning for a delicious breakfast and the opportunity to share a little about your company, product and/or service. Working with Brant Business Builder members, increase the network of your business by finding great referrals and business allies.

To pre-register as a visitor to the Brant Business Builders weekly meeting please click the button below to fill out our visitor registration form or contact any one of our current members who will be happy to answer your questions and sponsor your visit.

  • Lots of business cards (you will need at least 2, for our visitor host and the membership committee)
  • A prepared 60 second ‘infomercial’ that tells us who you are, what you do and what your ideal referral is. And don’t worry… members go first so you can see how it’s done.
  • Another friend or business partner, if you would feel more comfortable bringing your own guest.
  • Meet friendly people. You will be greeted and welcomed by our visitor hosts who will show you in and help you get comfortable.
  • Be among a group of community based professionals from a variety of industries and professions. You will have time before and after the meeting to network and make connections with them.
  • Get an Education. Each week we share a tip on networking or business development. We also get the opportunity to learn more about one member and their business in a 10 minute presentation on their services and experience.
  • Have fun. Guests routinely comment on our positive energy and the way we truly support each other’s businesses.