What happens if a member cannot attend?2021-03-29T09:20:49-04:00
  • If a member cannot attend, they may send a substitute.
  • (when a member’s seat is held by two or more persons sharing the seat, then the member that is on their off week can substitute).
  • This will not count as an absence. A member is allowed three absences in any six-month period.
  • Once three absences have been reached the membership committee has the option to open the seat.
How many times can a visitor attend a meeting before being charged?2021-03-29T09:19:13-04:00
  • Visitors may attend Chapter meetings up to two times before being asked to pay for their breakfast and or submit an application.
What is expected of me in the training process?2021-03-29T09:19:04-04:00
  • All new members must attend training within 30 days of their application being accepted.
  • Only after attending the training may the new member be added to the ‘speaker rotation’.
  • Any new members not attending the training within 30 days may be subject to having their classification opened by the Membership Committee.
What if I need to take a leave of absence?2021-03-29T09:18:55-04:00
  • A leave of absence for maternity or exceptional medical/personal circumstances may be granted.
  • A member may take an extended leave with the Membership Committee’s prior approval only if their dues are pre-paid for that period of time.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to present a plan on having their seat filled and a time that they will return to the group.
  • The Membership Committee has the final authority relating to accepting the members proposal.
How do I change my classification?2021-03-29T09:18:46-04:00
  • Members who wish to change their classification must submit a new membership application and obtain approval from the Membership Committee for that classification change.
How do I Lose My Seat in the Networking Group?2021-03-29T09:22:26-04:00
  • Memberships may be revoked for failure to comply with the policies and/or the Code of Ethics of the Brant Business Builders.
  • In the absence of a Membership Committee, the Executive Team may fulfill this responsibility.
  • The Membership Committee reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to put a member on probation relating to the member’s business practices or commitment to the Chapter.
Is My Seated Protected in the Networking Group?2021-03-29T09:17:20-04:00

Yes it is. As a business networking group our goal is to increase business opportunities through confident and trustworthy referrals. Only one person from each profession or classification is permitted to join the Brant Business Builders. The Membership Committee has the final authority relating to all classification conflicts.

All prospective members will be given a copy of these regulations during training and will be required to provide a signed copy accepting the regulations here in. The Membership Committee reserves the right to terminate an applicant if they fail to provide a signed copy of the policies and procedures within a reasonable time frame following training.

What are the Fees to Your Professional Networking Group?2021-03-29T09:28:32-04:00
  • Your member fee to join Brant Business Builders is $450/year.
  • Breakfast is $14 per meal.
  • All charged quarterly.
Is the business networking group located in Brantford?2021-03-29T21:33:32-04:00

Yes it is. We started in Brantford and our meetings are currently hosted at The Sherwood Restaurant And Catering ~ 799 Colborne St, Brantford.

Directions – https://g.page/TheSherwood?share

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