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My name is Vlad Horvath. I run Bell City Mechanical which is located in Brantford, ON. I have been in the HVAC field for 12 years repairing and installing furnaces and sir conditioners.

After getting my HVAC license and working for other companies for the first eight years of my career, I decided it was time to work for myself and opened Bell City Mechanical. We serve Brantford, Brant County, Paris, Simcoe, Cayuga, Ancaster, Caledonia and surrounding areas for residential and commercial climate-control needs. We help your home stay comfortable year round.

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What Services Does Bell City Mechanical Offer

Furnace Repair
One of the most common and my personal favourite services to work on is furnace repair. We work on both two-stage furnaces and modulated furnaces. Two stage furnaces are the most common furnaces we work on. When I first started in HVAC repair it seemed that furnaces were grossly oversized in your house because it was thought the more heat you have, the better it is for you. Your furnace is actually on a short cycle and you never get comfy. Some homes and offices have cold spots because it’s on for a short period of time. So, they made two-stage furnaces to run longer so you could eliminate your cool spots and get more comfort out of your furnace. Now, if you set your home at a certain temperature, it will never go below that temperature. Your furnace will regulate the heat throughout your home. Incidentally, air conditioners work the same way with regulating the cool air in your home.

Heat Pump Installation and Repair
We also get into heat pumps, which keep our guys busy in the winter. You can get a heat pump which is just an air conditioner that runs backwards. You can have your house cooled in the summer and warmed up in the winter using the same air conditioning equipment. If you have electric heat in your house, people will get a heat pump because it’s cheaper than using the baseboards. You can get that into a two-stage as well.

Water Tank
We have even started to service the water in homes. Hot water tanks is the first thing we added to our list of products and services we help customers with and then we followed that up with water softeners.

Gas Fireplace Installation & Repair
If you are in need of repairs for your existing gas fireplace, the team at Bell City Mechanical can help. Our technicians have the experience and expertise needed to make the process quick and easy, that way you will be enjoying your fireplace as soon as possible! Customer service is a big part of the job, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our customer service and the work that we complete.

Air Purification
We also get into air purification with UV lights and filters. We can put UV lights in your duct work, killing unwanted mold and viruses floating around in your home. Note – It doesn’t kill Coronavirus but kills most household viruses. Clean-FX filters by Trane stops 99.9% of germs and bacteria. These filters are made to keep dust and dander off of your furnace so it doesn’t get backed up. The Clean-FX is a carbon filter that gets rid of all of the garbage in your air. They’re washable and last forever.

Tube Heaters
Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial solution, tube heating is a great way to heat up an area very quickly. At Bell City Mechanical, we not only repair and install tube heaters we also supply them.

Gas Line Installation
Bell City Mechanical can provide gas-line installation services whether you are in the market for a new fireplace or upgrade to a stove. We have the tools and team to get the job done right.

Other services we offer at Bell City Mechanical:
Garage Heaters
Pressure Washer Repair
…and more

If you are looking for help with your HVAC needs give me a call at Bell City Mechanical.  We want to earn your business and be your go-to source for all of your climate control for your residential, commercial and agricultural needs. We are here to meet all your short term, long term, and emergency climate control needs.

Serving the Brantford & surrounding area.

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