The biggest complaint I hear regularly is this “I just don’t know what to post!!” And I get it! When you are posting all day, every day across platforms, it’s hard to come up with fresh ideas.

I wrote this blog so you would be able to use some of these ideas for the month of April.

Using Holidays to Create Content:

April 1 – April Fools Day: Prank somebody in your office and catch it on film.

April 4 – Easter: Don’t forget to wish your followers a Happy Easter!

April 7 – National Beer Day. Come on, this isn’t hard to post about, right!?

April 10 – National Siblings Day – If you have siblings, post about them! Give your followers a sneak peek into your life.

April 11 – National Pet Day – Another easy one. Share a picture of your pet. Pro tip: Pets get a lot of great engagement!

April 16 – Wear Pyjamas to Work Day – This would be hilarious, but do you have the guts to post a selfie at work in your pjs?

April 21 – Administrative Professionals Day – If you have admin help, buy them some flowers or a coffee, and plaster their pic all over your social accounts and tell the world how much you appreciate them!

April 28 – National Superhero Day – Post a pic of your fav super hero, and what you love most about them!

Other Content Ideas:

Behind the scenes pictures or videos are always great to see. Give your followers a taste of your day, and let them see how you operate behind the scenes!

Take a picture of your team – post a team pic and brag about how awesome they are! This type of content humanizes your brand.

Take a pic of yourself – okay, it might not be your favourite thing to do, but images with faces receive 38% more likes!

Product Pictures – have a new or favourite product? Post about it! This is a great and easy way to expose your products to your followers.

Accomplishments – Did you win an award, or were featured in an article? Share away! Your company accomplishments will increase your credibility!

I hope these content ideas help get the creative juices flowing! Content marketing is such an important aspect of social media marketing. If you need help creating content, check out this blog I wrote. I think it will take a huge weight off your shoulders!

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