Once I started my own business, I immediately understood the benefits of networking. Ever since then, I have intentionally set time and resources aside for networking events, as I highly value its importance for business. Investing your time in creating a network and building relationships not only can turn into profit, but provides many other benefits.

This article lists 5 reasons you should become a business networker  in 2020.

Here are 5 Reasons to Network

1) Word of Mouth Recommendations – Business referral is the primary purpose of networking. The people you meet will refer you to others, which will assist in increasing your business. Brant Business Builders, as a group in 2019, we have netted almost $700,000 of sales! The number speaks for itself – referrals = sales. Networking groups are basically your sales force. They will refer potential clients that you would never be able to reach on your own. This is especially true for referral organization such as Brant Business Builders. Referral marketing is an effective business networking style.

2) Mentors – This is another incredible element to networking. As a new business owner, I loved meeting other business professionals with years of business experience. Business professionals are always willing to share their knowledge and advice, and have helped me navigate some tough circumstances. Mentorship is an important business strategy that  will help your business development.

3) Creative Partnerships – Networking opens you up to new relationships, which can lead to great partnerships. Creative partnerships can develop and bring in more revenue and opportunity. For instance, you can partner with different industries and put on a great seminar that can mutually benefit both partners. Creating mutually beneficial partnerships in the business community is a huge benefit to making networking a priority.

4) More Contacts – The more you network, the more people you know. It can help you further your career, or put you in the right spot to meet people who can help take your business to the next level. Connections are also great when you need a new supplier, or business connections. Business relationships are always very valuable to have.

5) Develop Friendships – Networking is great on a professional level, but personally it has it’s benefits too. Networking can be the building block to developing long lasting relationships. I see it often – something that started as a professional relationships develops into friendship over the years. You are meeting like-minded people with similar goals as your own, and building relationships comes naturally.

Networking is beneficial for any business person, whether they are starting out, looking to advance in their career or look for new growth opportunities. It will build your connection base and potentially increase your sales. It’s never too early or late to invest in social networking! Brant Business Builders is a great business networking organization, and we would love to have you visit us and see what we are about! Join us Wednesday morning at 7am to connect with local business people.

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